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75 Ball Bingo Games

Now then the game of 75 Ball Bingo has its origins in the US as this is one of the most played Bingo games in America and it has proved as equally as popular in the online gaming environment.

The numbers one too, and including seventy five are the numbers that are used in the game of 75 Ball Bingo and the structure of the Bingo cards or tickets is very easy to understand.

You will notice the Bingo cards are presented in a grid format with five numbers in five columns and the middle square is often classified as a free number which means you can cross it off before each Bingo game begins without having to get a number called out to mark it off.

Due to this grid format this enables literally hundreds of different Bingo patterns to be played in 75 Ball Bingo games, so before you start to play a 75 Ball Bingo game make sure you check which Bingo pattern you will be playing for as there are so many!

The most common Bingo patterns used in the game of 75 Ball Bingo is any line across, upwards, downwards or across the board or the four corner numbers. From time to time you may also be playing for a full house and this is simply crossing off all the numbers on any one ticket.

Due to so many Bingo patterns being available this has led to 75 Ball Bingo being used in the many Bingo chat games that all of our online Bingo sites offer players, so if you are interested in this type of Bingo game then you will be playing 75 Ball Bingo but for extra bonuses and comps.

The price of Bingo cards and tickets in the game of 75 Ball Bingo varies from Bingo site to Bingo site but you can pay as little as one cent per card which makes it a very cost effective way of playing Bingo online!

The game of 75 Ball Bingo often has a progressive jackpot attached to it and the way to win this ever rising jackpot is to call house in less than the maximum number of numbers called out that has been allocated to the jackpot payout.

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